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Best-in-class shade tolerance
by Jinko Solar

Best-in-class shade tolerance

Maxim solar cell optimizers offer superior tolerance to panels placed near shading objects

JinkoSolar Smart Modules optimized by Maxim pushes Maximum Power Point Tracking deep into the module; offering 100x more granular power tracking than string inverters and 3x more granular than panel optimizer technologies. The highly distributed MPPT architecture affords improved tolerance to shading, reduction in power degradation, and even enables denser system design on ideal unshaded rooftop and ground-mount systems.

Innovations in the photovoltaic industry over the past decades have made PV technology a viable solution for widespread adoption. However, several issues prevent today's standard solar installations from functioning as ideal power sources. Solar modules that are expected to be exposed to the environment for at least 25 years can be affected by conditions such as: shading, soiling, aging, temperature gradients, and more. Mismatch caused by these factors in a panel or among various panels can cause the system to lose power. JinkoSolar Smart Module solutions solve these problems and produce up to 20% more energy under such unfavorable conditions.

Performance: Breakthrough technology performing MPPT separately on each cell-string
Value: Single IC generates more energy at lower cost than discrete panel solutions
Simplicity: No change in PV array design, no additional hardware or data services
Reliability: Proven technology leveraged from 20 year experience in server, network, and communications power delivery

Solar cell optimizers offer superior tolerance to panels placed near shading objects. Rather than bypassing cell strings when underperforming, the cell string optimizer continues to harvest all available energy. By optimizing within the panel, embedded cell string optimizers offer superior tolerance to shade compared to conventional panels that use bypass diodes or module-optimized panels. By performing MPPT on individual cell-strings, JinkoSolar Smart Modules offer best-in-class shade tolerance, installation simplicity, and system reliability for residential, commercial and utility-scale applications.

JinkoSolar Smart Modules with solar cell optimizers can accommodate differing string lengths, multiple orientations, and different module power levels. In a conventional system, combining strings of unequal length in parallel results in all strings operating off their maximum power point. Solar cell optimizer panels exhibit an MPP "region," allowing strings of different lengths to be connected in parallel producing their peak power. These modules allow for simple installation by operating as a conventional module would with no additional hardware control units, network cabling or network configuration.

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